To assert that the nothing is useful for something seems a contradiction, nevertheless exists and consequently it is right to be.

In this page one considers that the three states of the matter, as well as the operation physical-chemistry and the life, are derived from the interaction of the anything or empty absolute with the matter; and that its absence generates the fourth state that as well constitutes the power source that supports the universal gravitation.





The nothing is the absence of everything, it is the absolute emptiness, and as “the empty” concept estimates a continent or defined space, the nothing can be catalogued like an empty space; and when this one contains the universe can make sure that the space is the nothing.



One has theorized much about the limits of the universe, its form and relation with time.

If it is considered that the universe is the material, necessarily is limited and it is developed within the anything like empty space, on the one hand, and by another one, that the nothing also is finite because matter finishes when finding; but its conjunction (matter + nothing) is infinite because where finishes one begins another one and both conform the universal set. In such virtue, and although it seems paradoxical, the nothing is an absolute reality and therefore integral element of the universe.

The material universe of which it treats in these pages is the immense astral set that are perceived from the Earth, is not only the existing one, without a doubt it has without number of them, but among other causes, the distance to that they are prevents to observe them[1]. In addition it is necessary to consider that the matter occupies an insignificant portion of the space.



If the NOTHING were real and absolute, the space would be conformed by a compact and limitless element that in conjunction with the matter would deny their existence.

That hypothetical element, the “ether[2]”, in addition to gigantic would have to be absolutely penetrable, inert and elastic not to interfere in the activity of the matter because the stars, atoms and molecules operate to distances that make their function feasible, and if all those emptiness's filled them, an irremovable compact block of matter would form. However, if instead of “ether” there is NOTHING, all counter-productive effect for the atomic and astral operation disappears. Before these considerations, next one considers that the NOTHING is an indispensable element in the nature, and therefore, in addition to its characteristics physical-chemistries has inherent qualities.



The “nothing” as element of the nature has characteristics that identify it:

Symbol: The suitable chemical symbol is the ZERO (0), but, to differentiate it from number zero (0), and of the symbol of Oxygen (O), it is going away to use the sign Ø, or circle crossed by a line diagonal.


The physical characteristics 


All the characteristics are of absolute value.

- Natural state sui géneris.

- Colorless.

- Odorless.

- It is transparent.

- Permeable.

- It thus does not have mass does not have own form neither weight, is compressible nor dilatable either.

- He is independent of the gravitation.

- Undetermined Amount and volume.

- Full the spaces that the matter leaves.

- It does not lead the energy.

- It allows to the passage of the gravitation and the magnetism.


The chemical characteristics


- It does not react with any element.

- She is catalytic according to is greater or smaller its presence in the reaction of the chemical elements.

- He is present in all the chemical elements, in inversely proportional degree to its densities.

- It facilitates the operations cosmological, atomic and biological.


The qualities of the anything


- It is the universal lubricant par excellence, one does not adhere nor it agglutinates, and it allows mobility in all sense, direction and speed.

- She is infinite if matter did not exist. This it is the basic concept of the creation: “At first there was nothing” which is a contradiction because there was NOTHING. By this it can before be infinite in its extension and after the existence of the matter, but not in its permanence because the matter limits it.

Innumerable questions, hypotheses and conjectures arise on the matter, but they are omitted not being of the subject physical-chemistry of the element NOTHING Ø[3].


The quality of the anything


Absolute. It is not matter.





The conjunction of the anything Ø and the matter are the universe therefore the cosmological operation requires the harmonic interrelation between both parts.

These two elements have the following conformations:



The nothing is the absolute emptiness.



It is verified that the particle association very small of matter conforms the chemical elements and their compounds, are elementary particles that in these pages are going away to denominate CORPUSCLES[4] and to identify with the symbol (Q) with the purpose of differentiating them from the term “particle” that is very ample in its context.

In the world of the atom it is the initiation of the material universal complex, and it is based on corpuscles that act as specific. Each one of them is equipped with two unmemorable, own and independent tendencies to each other and that constitute the support their activity: one pulls ahead towards inside and it serves to him to adhere to the cosmos, and the other is the reaction to maintain its integrity and to regulate its independence; sum of first with the surrounding matter maintains integrity joint; and between both they conform the balance of the atmosphere in which they are immersed.

For the effectiveness of the operation of these tendencies it is required that the corpuscle moves in means that allow him to operate freely, that means is the absolute emptiness, that is to say, Ø, that does not prevent it and is other people's to all power manifestation.

According to this, and being the interstellar space Ø could not be perceived the stars, thus is required that its existence is discovered through another means, a gas for example, or the “ether” theoretical element that has not been identified, of where most feasible is than the space is full of independent corpuscles[5] and not of atoms nor molecules, which are not excluded either in that atmosphere like other particles of matter.

Consequently, the operation of the nature requires diverse corpuscles that can be grouped in two categories:

1. The qualified corpuscles to form chemical elements and that in ahead will be denominated: Training corpuscles of Matter and will be identified with the Qm abbreviation; and 

2. The identified Independent Corpuscles like Qo.

The Training Corpuscles of Matter - Qm


The permanent corpuscles of the atom belong to this category: neutrons, protons, electrons, etc.[6]

The diversity and analogies of chemical elements existing make suppose that there are variety of classes and qualities of the Qm to avoid that the matter tends to be a single universal chemical element. But in case the electrons and protons have few classes or are of a single one, the Qm in charge of the diversification will be the neutron, of where there will be so many stable chemical classes of this one whichever element exist and protons, electrons and others will be their aids.

1. The NEUTRON is the corpuscle identifier of the chemical element the following relations appear: 

1.1. Arial">In relation to other neutrons. - There are Them independent and associative. First they form atoms of a single neutron and the seconds of two or more depending on its compatibilities. In this last case the union is permanent and maintain a very narrow interval: the minimum of Ø mention it among them. 

1.2. In relation to protons. - The neutron is associated definitively with the protons that are to him compatible; two or more protons are required to conform the nucleus of the atom; and it maintains a very narrow interval to each other: the minimum of Ø.

1.3. In relation to electrons. - The neutron is definitively associated with the electrons that are to him compatible and they maintain to distances differentials to them to equip them with greater mobility and to prevent than they adhere to protons: greater content of Ø.

2. The PROTON is the corpuscle that it supports to the nucleus of the atom electromagnetically.

2.1. In relation to neutrons. - The proton is associated definitively with the neutrons that are to him compatible: minimum of Ø.

2.2. In relation to other protons. - These corpuscles, due to the repulsion of their polarity harmonically distribute around the neutron or neutrons of the nucleus, and maintain the greater possible interval to each other: greater content of Ø. 

2.3. In relation to electrons. - In accordance with their polarity the protons attract electrons but the repulsion differential of the neutron, and the attraction of protons of other atoms does not allow them to make contact with enemy: there is greater amount of Ø.

3. The ELECTRON is the corpuscle in charge to each other to establish the communications of the molecules that form atoms, and of these.

3.1. In relation to neutrons. - The electron is associated of definitive way with which they are to him compatible, but are to different distances: high content of Ø.

3.2. In relation to protons. - The electron, as it were pronounced previously is attracted but the repulsion differential of the neutron and the proton attraction other people's to atoms prevent the contact them and are greater amount of Ø.

3.3. In relation to other electrons of the atom. - In accordance with its polarities they are repelled, thus distribute harmonically around the nucleus, keeping to each other the greater possible distance: there is greater amount of Ø.

3.4. In relation to other electrons of the molecule. - In accordance with his polarity they are repelled, thus are distributed harmonically around the nuclei of the atoms that conform the molecule, keeping to each other the greater distance than is possible to them: there is greater amount of Ø.

He is opportune to establish that they can exist other Qm, and that possibly can be confused with the Qo which they are stayed transitorily within the atom.

In this order, each class of Qm with its diverse associations composes atoms of stable chemical elements. In addition, it defines a potential that guarantees its identity and operational range so that their behavior is specific front to the environmental conditions.

Consequently, all Qm is possessor of selective characteristics, affinities to define its status and to maintain the stability of the element that conforms, otherwise, the presence of two atoms would alter its mutual existence to destroy itself or to form third, and so on. This it is a fundamental concept in the nature as it will be seen later.

The Independent Corpuscles Qo 


The humanity will take much in identifying and analyzing the immense variety of existing corpuscles, specially of the Qo; but by homology with the Qm, it must have different types and qualities that qualify them to act as specific.

The fundamental characteristic of the Qo is that they do not conform chemical elements nor groups or associations of any nature, and enter atoms solely to fulfill missions specific. This always qualifies them so that they are distributed throughout, as much inside the atom and in general of the matter like in the space, but within the field of gravitation of the astral set to which they belong; so to speak, they conform a cloud within which the set of galaxies lodges, the astral set. Under this consideration it is of supposition that is more Qo than Qm, and that outside this cloud the stars are not perceivable by not having Qo to settle down the nexus[7].

The corpuscular energy


In the nature only there is an energy[8]: the gravitational one.  

This only energy is sum of the inherent attraction of the corpuscles Qm and Qo, and being an attribute, in fact it is not matter. Nevertheless, as well as the matter is indestructible also is it its inherent energy: the gravity; because the nature in no circumstance does or allows that something becomes that goes in damage of its existence.

On the other hand, as it were pronounced previously, in the nature there is two tendencies of behavior, the one that haul or gravity inwards and the one that respond to the received stimuli. They are not antagonistic forces, is the conjunction cause-effect that gives dynamics to the matter.

The gravitational energy has a reach or operational range isotropous whose nucleus is the corpuscle; the first manifestation of its presence is the mutual attraction with the surrounding corpuscles, which luminance, calorific cause reactions that diversify their kinetic presentation like energies, and until its opposed force, the repulsive one.


  The comparison of the two categories of Q implies to consider the following parameters: First, as far as its physical characteristics, and second, as far as its relation with the surroundings.

The physical characteristics


1. The physical state. - The material state of all the corpuscles Qm and Qo is isotropous, solid, compact, unbreakable and non invariable in his context, it does not concern the state of the matter that is composing or interacting nor the extreme conditions that they are put under

2. The size, the form and the contexture. - Before it is possible to develop to detection devices and measurement able to observe, to measure and to weigh the Q, and in special the Qo it is only possible to be made conjectures on his size, it forms and contexture.

2.1. The size of the Qm already has been observed, and perhaps also of some Qo[9]. Of all ways, to journey within Inter the corpuscular distances of the atom the majority they must much more be small that the Qm, but in its great variety will be them of different sizes[10].

2.2. The form. - Being the solid, compact and indestructible corpuscles, its form cannot leave more elementary geometric solids: some with rigid forms and other variables in specific function that must fulfill.

a.  Ball. - Form that provides absolute balance in its context.

b. Ovoid. - They are resembled the balls and they have an insinuated direction of mobility that is resembled the drop.

c. Cylindrical extended or filaments. - In this case its direction is obvious. It is a form that facilitates the conduction of energy in the space.

d. Lamina. - Different forms Can have that are resembled flat geometric figures: and in the case of the rectangles or similar they form the tape figure[11].

e. Disc. - This form gives great fluidity them in atmospheres with proximity to other corpuscles and its rotation prevents deviations them of its trajectory.

f. Ring. - Little probable that it exists. In such case, they would allow the passage of other Qo smaller by its center.

g. Polyhedron. - Any regular solid, of the tetrahedron in ahead, tends to form and to behave like a sphere. In addition, some of them when joining itself fit perfectly in special the dodecahedron. It is not possible to visualize a Q in rest, the multiple forces of the atmosphere maintain it in movement, rotation[12] specially, thus always will be seen like sphere, cylinder or disc.

3. The contexture. - All the Q has contextures of absolute character.

3.1. It compacts and indivisible. - All the Q is an absolute unit of matter.

3.2. Indestructible. - Requisite indispensable so that the nature persists, of the opposite the Q would not be matter unit or would happen to be Ø which is contradictory because they are it.

3.3. Immutable. - The Q does not become energy, this one is to them inherent. They do not change to its composition nor class either.

3.4. Modifiable. - Perhaps some can modify their form, but no its essence.

4. The specific weight. - The specific weight of all corpuscle is the determinant that defines the position before the action of the gravity.

This weight, in each type and variety of training corpuscle of Qm matter is different but he is not measure independently because always they are associate, therefore, single it has importance the weight of the atom and its association like molecule of the chemical element that form or its compounds. In these cases the position that occupy in relation to the center of the star goes based on the density[13] of the molecule and state in which it is.  

It is assumed that the variety of Qo also diversifies its specific weights, and with this base they form layers to the redder of the stars. Heaviest they contribute in the functions of the atmosphere and penetrate the surface of the crust of the star.

Lightest they raise to form the high layers but cooperating to gases in the formation of entrance filters and exit to him of energy, and they are pronounced like radioactive sectors, luminous bands[14], etc. and the ultra light ones dissipate in the space to conform a species of spider web of multiple dimensions that connects the sidereal system. 

The specific weight of the Qo is inferior to the one of the Qm and they do not compete to each other. While these form atoms and molecules, those, that are independent, circulate inside in all direction and outside the matter.

5. The density. - The density of the Qm occurs in the element that conforms, and the one of the Qo it is not measurable because they are not grouped; But in the space it is possible to be said that she is relative to the distance of the star more closest, because when approaching to it they form him zones of shock with the salient corpuscles of the star which necessarily makes the set denser[15], form layers[16], filter and shields that prevent the entrance of some waves, and others, when contacting the atmosphere, bounce, are reflected, in the shock with the gases that compose it.

6. The specific temperature. - The training corpuscles of Qm matter when forming compound atoms and acquire the resulting specific temperature of the intra-atomic in the case of the chemical elements and intra molecular activity in the case of compounds. However the Qo does not have own temperature but that is one of their functions, to acquire and to transfer the heat immediately; quality that authorizes its integration to any means.

The relation with the surroundings


1. The reach or operational range. - The reach of the Q is the foundation of the operation of the cosmos; and the distance or portion of Ø consists until which it is enabled to exert his influence.

Each variety of Q, in normal conditions, has its specific range and is adaptable to the variations of the atmosphere.

In the case of the training corpuscles of chemical elements (Qm) its reach is very small, very little exceeds the size the atom that conforms. However, the independent corpuscles (Qo) have an undetermined operational range and very ample, this allows them that they are distanced of the gravity of the stars without losing his bonds; in the space it can be of several kilometers.

2. The affinity. - The inherent characteristics of the corpuscle Qm or Qo, determine an affinity degree to them that regulates its association.

In the training corpuscles of matter (Qm), it is the faculty that allows the variety of the stable chemical elements, facilitates the formation of compound and its decomposition when it is the case, but never the spontaneous disintegration of the chemical element itself.

The affinity in the independent corpuscles (Qo), is not determining but circumstantial, in such a way that they are associated or they disgregan to carry out a task, for example to lead the light, but never to form an atom nor a compound. In addition, they are associated transitorily with atoms to carry out an action: refraction of the light, conduction of electricity, etc.[17].

One of the characteristics of the affinity is the polarity. , In principle single it is spoken of the magnetic refusal (-) and positive (+), but must have manifold repulsive forces still unknown that exert attractive actions and that is radial or peripheral and not solely linear as she is it this one.

2.1. The polarity of the Qm. - The polarity of the training corpuscles of Qm matter has been an indispensable variable in its study and application.  

The well-known forces establish a characteristic polarity that gets used to denominating refusal (-) or positive (+) that goes less of zero to X on the one hand and of zero to more X by another one.

-X ← 0 → +X

A corpuscle, electron for example, that is in the end - X will be attracted of which it is in favor close to zero, and with greater vigor if +X is located alongside (proton) in whose end the greater strength appears. But several corpuscles of both polarities integrate the atom and located in different positions, values and heights settle down a scale[18] that define their structure and involve Ø necessary to favor their operation. This is reverted on the resulting chemical element that according to the location in the axis (- X to + X), reacts with greater or smaller vigor and forms compounds of different degree from stability.

2.2. The polarity of the Qo. - The independent corpuscles Qo do not have own polarity, thus it is not grouped nor lose its mobility in Ø and therefore they play to exactly its role of material Inter connection[19].

Its dependency is operational, interacts with all the existing forces and it does not generate magnetic polarity own. But it has the same inherent energy of the Qm, the gravitational one, only that with greater reach. 

Under this principle of circumstantial polarity of the Qo, the Qm attracts it as if it was of opposed polarity, when arriving at the critical distance of approach, the Qo acquires the polarity of the Qm and is repelled, but the process returns to repeat itself when distance again, in that to go and to come, the Qo does not adhere to the Qm, single it transfers the power load that carries or continues its course within the matter through the ways of Ø that finds within her, is refracted for example. But the inertia that brings is not sufficient to penetrate, takes another course, is reflected with its modified initial charge; for example: with another color in the case of the light.

3. The cohesion. - The cohesion of the Q is the foundation of the stability of the cosmos. Each variety of these, has its specific determinants of cohesion and adjustment to means, but between the Qm and the Qo the difference is substantial.

3.1. The cohesion of the training corpuscles of matter Qm. - This faculty characterizes by its strength and inalterability, requirements indispensable for the stability of the chemical elements that form, and for the agglutination of the compact or fluid material mass and even in the cloud formation of gases.

No Qm, (neutron, proton electron, etc.), can be independent. 

3.2. The cohesion of the independent corpuscles (Qo). - This cohesion corresponds to the last received stimulus, which guarantees its function of connection.  When a Qo receives a stimulus, it goes off to take that power load, and when penetrating the matter can even remain within her when it is expelled to fulfill a mission. If it does not have mission that to fulfill, it balanced floats in the space forming a set of maximum possible inter corpuscular distances with atoms, molecules or Qo that there are in the atmosphere.

When the Qo receives several influences simultaneously, they are distributed behaving like a denser gas in the neighborhoods of the portions of matter but always maintaining the contact of its operational ranges in all the set. This quality of the Qo avoids that they agglutinate in the space, and on the contrary they disperse until its maximum distances, forming to go and to come, an alternation of polarity that maintains in contact to guarantee them the galactic intercommunication.  

4. The self-protection. - This faculty of the Q is a species of protective, indispensable armor, conformed by I pull ahead of Ø that maintains its integrity to them to preserve its matter. The armor is inherent, absolute and preventive.

4.1. Inherent because it is a preservation attribute.  

4.2. Absolute because it prevents the contact between the corpuscles to avoid its fusion, it does not concern the magnitude of the pressure that they are put under.

4.3. Preventive, because when the corpuscles in movement arrive at that zone, its friction raises to the temperature and Ø or distances corpuscular Inter increases. In this appreciation, apparently there is a contradiction: if the armor is Ø is no contact between the Q and therefore there is no friction, but as the armor is inherent to the Q, arriving at that very small cover, this one it reacts producing the mentioned effect.



The matter and the nothing are two antagonistic philosophical positions, and although it seems absurd that the nothing acts a as physical-chemistry, in effect, it fulfills it, and he is indispensable for the operation of the cosmos, thus turn out to be complementary.

The analysis of the behavior of the corpuscles leads to the demonstration of the necessary thing that it is Ø for his operation.

In the movement of the corpuscles


The corpuscles can execute three types of movement: translation, vibration and rotation; first it is caused by the both remaining gravities own or other people's and by other received stimuli.

1. The transfering movement. - This movement implies a rectilinear trajectory or curve, specially orbital. Also it can be to go and to come, oscillation that when drawing it based on the time generates a wave

Ø does not alter the inertia of the moving body in their passage.

The independent rectilinear trajectory is privative of Qo.

The single Qm describes orbits in the atomic set that enter to form, and they move altogether

2. The vibration movement. - It is understood like the double corpuscular oscillation without displacement some.

The armor of Ø that surrounds the Q facilitates east movement.

The corpuscle, cannot execute different vibrations simultaneously. The stimuli with different directions cause in the corpuscle a single vibration with the resulting vectorial direction of the found forces. This happens solely to the Q for being indivisible units to him, because a matter particle tolerates different vibrations until the limit from its fracture.

The vibration of the corpuscle does not prevent its rectilinear transferring but it alters the curve when it takes different directions.

In the case of the Qm, the vibration that affects them produces a turbulence that in fact alters the temperature of the atom, and to become stabilized ample the inter atomic and intermolecular distances, involving greater amount of Ø in the set.

3. The tumbling[20].- This movement generates an axis with electromagnetic fields of different polarity[21] in its ends. Power variable that produces a complex relation of inter corpuscular connection in which is determining the amount of corpuscles (Q) that participate, its relative position and the sense of the turn.

3.1. Encounter of two corpuscles that rotate in he himself sense. (Figure 1). - In this case they agree the polarity and equal rejection in both ends of its axes appears, but their gravities maintain them united and no can involve a rotation different to invest the polarity. As result increases their distance until balancing the found forces: they involve Ø of interval.  





3.2. Encounter of two corpuscles that rotate in opposite sense. - When being united two corpuscles by the ends of their axes of different polarity, (Figure 2), remain in that position[22] when the exigency of the atmosphere is extreme[23], otherwise its gravities make fall its bodies putting to the reach the other ends of its axes in the position that is observed in (Figure 3); in such form that the polarities and gravities agree in the approach direction. Reason for which they tend to be reconciled to way of gears fulfilling all the mechanical variables by sizes and speeds; finally, when balancing his it connects, their rotations are joined and harmonized. The Ø is present during the process of adjustment of the speeds and disappears when obtaining the balance.





3.3. Encounter of three corpuscles that rotate in he himself sense. (Figure 4). - It is observed that their polarities agree consequently and their rejections, and as their respective gravities maintain them united, the only possible position is to form a triangle to respective distances Ø to its sizes. 


3.4. Encounter of three corpuscles with deferred rotation (Figure 5). - The polarities of the corpuscle To attract those of B and C, and between these, its rejection On guard locates them antagonistic around A, that is to say, the triangle of the previous case is broken and forms a line of balance. The gravities unite to B and C with A, and as it happens in case of numeral 3,2 it continues the process of mechanical adjustment until harmonizing his rotations.




3.5. The rotation on different axes. - The corpuscles, independents, do not tolerate simultaneous rotations on two or more different axes, but when they are sustained to each other as in the previous cases or on a base, it can rotate altogether or with the base on axes different from the one from its particular rotations, this is equivalent to that they orbit to each other or in relation to the base.

The rotation of any set of Q on different axes involves greater amount of Ø in most of the cases.  

a. Rotation on x-axis. - the sets of Figures 1, 3 and 5 do not alter their operation, and those of Figures 2 and 4 involve Ø by the spacing that provides the centrifuge to them.

b. Rotation on y-axis. - In the set of Figure only 2 it alters the operation of the components if the axis and agrees with his axes of rotation, otherwise no, and in the sets of Figures 1, 3, 4, and 5, the centrifuge increases the component Ø.

c. Rotation on z-axis. - In this axis as well as in any other axis diagonal that is taken, the centrifuge increases the component Ø.

When involving more corpuscles a lamina takes place, appears of two dimensions, with the caliber of the Q that integrates it. If this figure turns on an axis of he himself plane, gives the volume sensation. These considerations demand another force similar to the electromagnetic one of the axes so that it generates additional movements with the direction that completes the three dimensions. Nevertheless the lamina form continues being dominant and it is reflected in the celestial mechanics.

The different force that it considers to investigate, or can solely be produced by neutrons, and is the base to explain its association in the conformation of atoms with two or more of them, which diversifies the orbital motions specially when they are of four[24] in ahead.  

Another important consideration is that the rotation contributes to keep the direction from the linear and orbital displacement when its axis agrees to him[25], also is compatible with the vibration that takes the same direction[26], and that any alteration interferes with them mutually.

In the accumulation and transmission of energy


When a corpuscle receives a stimulus that causes to a movement anyone to him, it is equivalent to that to its particular energy it adds the kinetic one to him received; that is to say, it is loaded of external energy, and as one moves within Ø, it maintains it until finding another one to which to transfer it; transference that carries out immediately on the first corpuscle that between in its operational range.

An example is the heat diffusion in which, the received stimuli accelerate the habitual rotations of the corpuscles and their frictions produce heat that even keep when they can transfer it to another element with smaller temperature.

In relation to the training corpuscles of matter (Qm)


Independently of which the corpuscles are or not comprising of an atom, they maintain intervals to each other not to constitute a compact block that would return to the exposition of the “ether”, and if it is within the atom, not to compact it because they would lose its mobility and with her its operativity[27]. Thus, so that the work of a Qm is possible, it requires a particular atmosphere, a specific contour of Ø that facilitates its mobility to them. It is a contour reason for study to define, in normal conditions[28], its elasticity within the parameters, minimum of protection of its integrity and maximum of permanence like member of the atom. That is to say, to determine the coefficient of expansion of the contour of Ø of each type of Qm.

The result necessarily is a very small measurement. But this dimension and the strength that supports it, gives to stability to the chemical element or the compound him, even in extreme conditions of emptiness and weightlessness[29].

The armors of Ø of the Qm are different and independent to those of the atoms that conform, in the same way they are it those of atoms of molecules and those of molecules to each other. Whereas first they are internal of the atom, the seconds are it of the molecule, in third they determine the mass and state of matter[30].

These armors can be experimented and be measured with the present instruments, even their atmosphere behavior of weightlessness in the space trips, specially if an experimental sounding programmed is sent to be distanced of the dominant power source, the Sun.

In relation to the independent corpuscles (Qo)


In relation to the independent corpuscles (Qo) Although these corpuscles do not form compound atoms nor of any class, are immersed in all the states of the matter as subject strange particles transitorily to their force. Whereas in the space, they stay to great corpuscular Inter distances within the gravitation of the stars without getting to break the nexus that it has to each other.

Like the specific function or reason of being of these corpuscles, (no training of matter[31]), she is the one to establish the power communication different from the gravitation and magnetic[32], they inside fulfill it and outside the portions of matter without concerning the distance to that they are.


The function of the Qo within the active matter


Inside the matter, the Qo helps to the Qm to fulfill what it is incumbent on to them in sense of energy transference, and is even their carriers within her.  

The Qo are enabled corpuscles to enter and to leave the atom without altering their chemical composition, faculty that it qualifies to the chemical element like energy conductor, electricity for example. Said of another way: they are conductors of electrical energy[33], the chemical elements that allow to circulate within their atoms and molecules to the Qo that carry it.

He is not gratuitous the one that some of the most ductile and malleable elements like gold, the silver, aluminum and copper are better conductors of the electricity. That means that their intermolecular distances inter corpuscular and are greater and therefore more permeable to the carrying corpuscles[34]. However other elements prevent it or makes difficult as the lead that offers as much resistance that gets to be fused before to allow its step freely.

The permeability of these Qo in the matter, allows assure without fear to mistake that the absolute emptiness within an astral set is not possible to obtain because when extracting of a container their content, the Qo continues making osmosis through the inter atomic and intermolecular distances of the container doing possible that, for example, the waves of the phantom continue working within him.

Another example is the one of the X-rays conduction through solids, in the case the lead and other rich elements in Qm and of little inter corpuscular Ø make difficult the passage of the Qo that carries them. Nevertheless there is one slight penetration, and they even cross thin lamina of those materials.


 The function of the Qo outside the active matter


Being the corpuscular Inter distances Ø, permeable absolute, and the Qo possessor of gravitational force and with capacity to execute the mentioned movements previously; when receiving a stimulus interprets it immediately and turn kinetic energy that stores in its totality, (inertia and vibration or rotation), until transferring it to another corpuscle. One becomes a conductive moving body of the power manifestations derived from the gravitational one thus, for which it crosses without obstacles, in Ø, the distance that is necessary[35]

It is an operation that is developed to great speeds.

The most representative operation is the diffusion of the light, (Figure 6), in which the following steps are fulfilled: 

1. The luminous source expels the Qo “A”, that it hits Qo “B”, transfers the impulse to him and bounces.

2. The source expels Qo “D”, hits the “A” that returns unloaded, transfers the impulse to him and bounces.


Figure 6. THE LIGHT



The source continues expelling Qo that transfers the energy and bounces, receives another load and repeats the operation, that is to say, that each impelled Qo acts like source for the following ones. This way a linear oscillation takes place that in the anything (Ø) approximately 300,000 crosses km/seg.

All Qo bounces without power load, reason by which the light does not return when the source is extinguished, but the luminous ray continues activating so many Qo in the end whatever deactivates in the tail. When analyzing this movement is deduced that the diffusion of the light has limited reach because each shock decreases the energy that produced until annulling it it[36]. In addition, as all luminous source is limited, it cannot produce a limitless effect.

Additionally, shock causes vibration to them in the Qo and the source prints additional rotation, complex power variables to them that guarantee their rectilinear displacement and do diversified much more and its functions and interpretations.



The participation of Ø in the states of the matter is definitive because only in his conjunction it is possible the unfolding of all the functions and characteristics of the chemical elements.

1. The participation in the gaseous state. - In this state, the molecular distances intra and Inter volatilize the matter until winning the continent, are empty distances that allow to diversify their density without changing of state, composition or weight because its expansion or compression is the variation of immersed amount of Ø in her, action that it does not involve nor extracts matter some in the container.  It is a state in which the more distant molecules are independent and to greater temperature; but, the cohesion of the Qm of the element or gaseous compound maintains it united in a cloud when the environmental conditions allow it.

2. The participation in the liquid state. - The liquids are not compressible because the molecules, although they are independent, they do not maintain intervals to each other, and because Ø that they include single is indispensable for the operation of the atom and the molecule. Nevertheless, within these distances they give to capacity to gases and solid particles that in fact are integrated to their liquid behavior until arriving at the saturation, in special the colloidal solutions. The electrons, elements of inter atomic and intermolecular connection cause that the molecules transitorily remain united while they flow and they dunk, in addition create the superficial tension that avoids the evaporation by drag gases and forms the drop in its free fall, in whose cases also prevent to involve intermolecular Ø.

3. The participation in the solid state. - The solids include minor amount of Ø within atoms and molecules that in the other states, but on the contrary greater intermolecular amount than the liquids, to the point that some are compressible in relative terms when its elasticity and ductility allow certain fluidity them without to break itself[37].

The increase of volume and consequent loss of density must to that the electrons interlace with greater firmness molecules and groups of molecules in the crystallization for which they need greater amount intermolecular Ø in order to facilitate required mobility to act his as.

This diminution of density does that the chemical element or a compound in solid state flotation on he himself in liquid state or of fusion.



The three previous states are based on their intra-atomic and intra molecular distances, that is to say, in the presence of Ø in the constitution and operation of the matter. But when these distances are assimilated to zero, Ø is excluded, and as result the matter forms a state in which it occupies a critical space of compaction.

Consequently, the fourth state of the matter is the CONCRETION STATE.

Characterization of the State of Concretion


The state of concretion of the matter is characterized because it lacks Ø in his interior. which prevents the corpuscular operation with the exception of the gravitational one which he is to them inherent, energy that in fact is added in the body which they form to behave jointly.  

Corpuscular behavior in the State of Concretion


The training corpuscles of matter (Qm) and independent (Qo) show the following behaviors:

1. Suspension of the vibration movements and rotation. - The Q arrives at the absolute calm, which also annuls to the axis of rotation and its consequent polarities.

2. Paralyzation of its longitudinal or orbital displacement. - The Q arrives at absolute the relative calm. That is to say, to the calm in relation to the body in concretion which they are forming and consequently to the corpuscles of his surroundings after being located in him, more not in relation to the cosmos because the body in concretion can continue in movement.

3. Desagregación[38]. - The components of the atom, own (Qm) and accidental (Qo) become independent. This action is not an explosive disintegration, nor a compaction of the atom; derived from the deceleration of the turn[39]. the orbits and the vibrations, which frees them and induces to that they are integrated individually to the body in concretion.  

4. Precipitation. - All the Q goes towards the center of the body in concretion in order to occupy the most adaptable place according to their size, weight, forms, consistency and polarity. As far as the polarity of the Qm, if still it continues in calm, when crowding together itself the opposite ones balance it, and altogether it is inoperative by the neutral stability that provides the Qm and the Qo that to lack her isolate the attractive-repulsive effect of the polarities that possibly can subsist. This same effect suspends to the affinities and compatibilities of the Qm.

5. Total aggregation of its inherent energies. - The force of gravity of each Q attracts and adheres to its collateral immediate and mediate ones to where its reach allows him, and the set finishes becoming a body whose cohesive tension compacts it and supports of absolute way, and in addition, this force is added forming a gravity with directly proportional reach to its mass.

6. The protective armors. - In the absolute compaction of the Q like a single body, only they are left the armors protective of Ø, distances specific critics, to safeguard his identity, in a very small amount that can be assimilated to zero (0).

Comparison between the four states of the matter

  In the following table Ø is appraised like the participation, in a guaranteed amount of matter, presents/displays the variables characteristic of their four states and the effects that it causes in each one of them.








Inter corpuscular





or Intra-atomic

(Inactive corpuscles)

Inter atomic or

Inter molecular



































1. Participation of the anything Ø. - In the first place the fluids are the inter corpuscular distances in which case, gaseous and liquid they have greater participation than the solid, and the one of concretion lacks her. Next they are the intra-atomic, inter atomic or intra molecular distances and the intermolecular ones, which do not consider in the concretion state because it is conformed by inactive corpuscles solely.   

2. Volatiles and fluidity. - The gaseous one Occupies the first place follows the liquid to him and lack them the solid and the one of concretion. Nevertheless when the solid is fragmented, for example the sand that behaves to way of a liquid, or a gas when the fragmentation is minimum: the dust, this also happens to him to the liquid when it is atomized within a gas.

3. Crystallization. - The crystallization of the solid state must to the low presence of the anything intra-atomic and intra molecular, but therefore the intermolecular one that requires greater capacity to allow the cohesive function and of does not take hold of the movement of electrons between molecules.

The concretion state can be considered like an isotropic crystal.

4. Density and volume. - In the line corresponding to the intermolecular distances it is appraised that as low the participation of Ø, increases the density of the body, therefore the volume that occupies goes soon of greater to minor of the gaseous one to the solid and to the liquid.  

As far as the one of concretion, it is not possible to find it in the mentioned normal conditions but to be it, it would occupy a compared very small space with the liquid and consequently its density would be total and correspond exactly to its volume.

5. Compressibility. - The gases are compressible even when they become liquids, or the subliminal cases in solids; the liquids are not compressible; the solids are compressible in minimum quantity or even when they happen to liquid.

The concretion state is the absolute compression to which it can arrives the matter when the environmental conditions demand it.

6. Penetrability. - The gases and liquids are penetrable, in the solid is it variable, materials more than others, some fracture in the attempt. Nevertheless all are penetrable by the Qo.

The concretion state is not penetrable.

7. Temperature. - Each chemical composed element or has its specific temperature and it is pronounced indifferently in each state.

In the concretion state it is of 0° K[40] because of having it, a inter corpuscular spacing would take place that would activate them, would involve Ø and happen to another state.

8. Power manifestations. - The solid states, liquid and gaseous show their energy in an endless number of forms because the buying force of the Qm and Qo interacts to form compound and to transmit energy but not atoms and adds.

In the concretion state, the Qm and Qo are added forming a single body and their buying forces have the following manifestations.

8.1. It commits. - The matter of absolute way is compacted, does not leave fitted for Ø, (caverns, cracks, bubbles or similes).

8.2. External. - The resulting body forms a surface sphere heddle.

8.3. Additive. - The sum of integral the attractive force of the Q of the joint work like a single element. Its reach or operational range is directly proportional to the mass of the body and operates towards its center, is the force of pure gravity and main faculty of the matter in concretion.

The matter in the three states of activity, solid, liquid and gaseous, inexorably she is subject to the gravity, but it does not produce it because it dedicates all to its energy to its maintenance and balance, and the operation physical-chemistry of its elements. Therefore, all the attempts that are made to calculate the gravity of any portion of matter in anyone of those three states are insolvent because the only measurable source of this force is in its fourth state, in the one of concretion.

Before this asseveration, and since the Earth is not in concretion: How is explained that that force is manifest in her? The answer will be expressed more ahead.



In an atmosphere where so many forces as in the Earth come together or within a Solar System anyone, it is impossible to deactivate the Q so that the matter between in concretion state. This single phenomenon is possible in places of the deep space sufficiently moved away of the influence or astral field of gravitation. This conception of the things induces to think that in the immensity of the space, single two positions can be conceived: under the field of gravitation of an astral system or outside this one. First it is limited because the matter is it and consequently its energy also, and second that is greater, does not have energy, is Ø solely.

Within a field of gravitation


It is known that the Earth in addition to its rotation has a series of imperceptible cosmic movements like the translation in redder of the Sun, the mobility of the Milky Route, and in general of the astral set to which belongs, is a chain of gravitational influences that print to the Earth a complex set of movements that single can be expressed in terms relative to other stars. In addition the centrifugal and centripetal forces that they generate, are conjugated in the Earth to condition an inertial speed in the movement of all their components. The sum of all these cosmic forces influences the atomic operation in direct function to the force of the nearer power source. This way, if there is acceleration the inter material distances increase, involving greater amount of Ø, and vice versa when decelerating. Under these influences, the corpuscles deploy their attractive force to integrate themselves to the set, is so the Qm produces atoms and molecules that in their adaptation behave like gases, liquids or solids.

Outside gravitation


A matter particle that leaves the gravitation of an astral set, is holds to its own gravity exclusively. Circumstance that forces it to decelerate its corpuscular movements until the point in which it only operates his buying tendency; consequently it is compacted, that is to say, the amount of Ø in its interior diminishes to zero and its mass is reduced to its minimum expression .

The resulting mass is constituted like a system, independent balance and in which the sum of the buying force of its corpuscles operates like a powerful center of gravity[41] that absorbs to the system the matter to its reach. It is a mass that absorbs matter with its inherent energy solely: the gravitational one; and it does not catch the additional energy that the corpuscles carry because when falling on her they are deactivated; it does not emit inactive power manifestations either because the Q does not produce them; and finally one is satisfied like a body that single is identifiable by our senses or instruments when it gives to shade and eclipse him the vision of a perceivable star, give shade him or produce effects or alterations of their gravitational course.  

Because the particles that arrive at the star in concretion disappear of the human perception, ambiguously it would catalogue of “antimatter[42]” or “black hole[43]”.  If the matter in concretion could be seen, its more probable aspect would be the one of a burnished surface of brightness opaque and turnsole by the chromatic diversity corresponding to the last adhered elements. This star accomplish a mission to compile the matter to the drift in the deep space, and grows as much, that after million years he can get to contain matter sufficient to form one or several galaxies when leaving the concretion state.

With the purpose of illustrating the process of concretion of the matter, next events between homologous, compatible corpuscles are related that make contact with enemy in a free atmosphere of gravitation:

1. The concretion of two corpuscles in equality of conditions. - If two equal corpuscles, (Figure 7), with equal impulses move on a line in convergent sense; when hitting they present/display the most elementary reaction: the bounce. If the force which they take to not causes a bounce them that removes them from its gravitational reaches, they continue hitting and bouncing on the same line to the way of a ball that falls vertically on a horizontal floor, until joining itself immovable in he himself place.





At this moment the three necessary conditions for the concretion state are fulfilled: the absolute adhesion of the corpuscles, the internal immobility relative of the body that conform and the addition of its gravitational forces .

1.1. The absolute adhesion.- As both corpuscles are immersed in their respective operational ranges, and there is no external interference that distracts them, the only work to develop is its mutual attraction.

1.2. The internal relative immovability.- This immovability talks about to that in its conjunction within the body that always forms they keep the same position.

1.3. The addition of the gravitational force.- As the inherent energy to the corpuscular matter is permanent and its invariable magnitude, the adhesion uses a minimum of her and the leftover is added also increasing the operational range joint.

2. The concretion of two corpuscles in different conditions. - If the encounter happens on he himself plane but in different converging axeses, the bounce changes its trajectories to them, (Figure 8), and when not leaving its reaches, they continue bouncing and diversifying its points of contact until arriving at the union, and continue the resulting vectorial trajectory of its initial movements fulfilling therefore one of the two faculties of the body in concretion: the joint inertial displacement.





The joint inertial displacement.- It is the faculty that the body in concretion has to move in the space in the direction, sense and speed that print the impulses to him of the caught matter. That is to say, that the energy that receives translates it to joint mobility and non individual of the corpuscles that conform their mass.

3. The encounter of two corpuscles without collision. - If two corpuscles enter their respective reaches in non convergent directions and time, (Figure 9), in fact they change its trajectory and when they do not leave its influence they generate mutual orbits that are reducing their radii until arriving at the concretion, and they print the second faculty to him, the one of joint inertial rotation, and as in the previous case, they continue its vectorial displacement.





The joint inertial rotation.- It is the faculty that has the body in concretion to rotate creating an axis and its consequent polarities. The angular velocity that it acquires depends on the impulses received by the matter caught whose energy produces joint rotation to him and non individual of the corpuscles that conform their mass. The axis of this rotation not necessarily agrees with the direction of the displacement as it is appraised in Figure 9, but that responds to the rotations and vibrations that bring the concurrent corpuscles.

4. The concretion of three corpuscles. - When involving a third element is little probable that their weights and speeds agree, and that in addition converge simultaneously in equal angles on he himself point. Only case in which they would bounce like the mentioned ball, in his same directions and opposed senses to finish united in he himself place forming a static triangle. Of not being fulfilled these conditions, the corpuscles collide indifferently and continue the sequential process of unification and mobility. 

5. The concretion of three corpuscles without collision. - In this case they take place a species of orbital dance that finally forms a triangular set that broken and moves in the resulting vectorial senses of its process of unification. 

6. The four more corpuscle or concretion. - To involve a fourth element is equivalent to begin to a volume.  Clear it is that all corpuscle has volume, and that their union by pairs or trios forms a cylinder or a lamina of the thickness of the corpuscles, but with the fourth element forms the basic and more stable volume, the tetrahedron. Their cohesive forces balance to each other and the resulting trajectory and rotation are the same ones of the previous cases.

When increasing the amount of corpuscles becomes more complex the process, but the result is he himself: a homogenous and balanced concretion[44] that tends to form a compact sphere that broken and moves in the space.

7. The concretion of corpuscles of different nature. - In the mentioned free atmosphere of external influences, the corpuscles of different nature present/display equal mechanical processes[45] to the previous ones but the influences of with another one are modified by their sizes, polarities and specific characteristics, nevertheless, finally agglutinate forming the revolving and movable sphere already described.

8. The assimilation of energy. - As the mass in concretion deactivates the Q of the matter that catches, it only absorbs his energy inherent, the one of gravity, but it assimilates in his totality and of way it combines the kinetic one that brings, that in fact involves to its movements of displacement and rotation. This assimilation of energy is not corpuscular but joint because the body in concretion is an all integral one.

The matter arrives very easily at the state of concretion outside the field of gravitation of an astral system, and with relative facility within him, when it is located in a place in which their cohesive force is superior to gravitational the external one. .



Because the mass of matter in concretion only has the gravitational activity, it is possible to be described like matter in rest and its change as state like its reactivation.  

The change of state or reactivation independently does not take place nor by its inertial movements of rotation and transferring, to only it causes the originating energy it of another star, or when it enters the field of gravitation of a galaxy, in whose cases, immediately, it begins to weigh on her.

The reactivation initiates in the periphery of the mass and advances towards the interior at a directly proportional speed to the external influence. It can go from an instantaneous explosion when the difference of found forces is extraordinary, to taking so many million centuries whatever took in taking shape.

This one is a repetitive process in the universe because the particles that are freed of the influences of the stars, in his to digress remove the Ø from their interior, they take shape and later they return to his influence or they go to fall in a “universe” or different astral set in where they are reactivated.  

A mass in concretion cannot be clarified if it is in process of pick up or initial activation. The emanations of the bounce of which it catches[46], can be confused with which loosen when activating, and both to have the same intensity[47]. The phenomenon is interactive because the mass tries to assimilate matter, and this one as well tries to activate the next mass. In order to define in which been one is, it is necessary to determine if it grows or it decreases in size and force. It is a process of million years that therefore is forbidden to quantify it with the instruments available.

In the activation process that will be related next, the mass of matter in concretion will denominate NUCLEUS, and it assumes that it contains the necessary variety of Qm for the formation of all the well-known chemical elements, at least, and the Qo existing in the nature.

This process is carried out in four periods:

The first period is the one of Activation that includes/understands the phases of the starting of the Q which they conform the mass of the Nucleus, of the formation of chemical elements with the Qm activated, of the compound formation, and the gasification.

The second period is the one of Balance that includes/understands the phases of solidification; of the fluid one, and in the particular case of the Earth, of the biological.

The third period is the one of Destruction (Motorization).

The fourth period is of Concretion, with which the cycle of the passage by all the states of the matter is closed.

First period. - THE ACTIVATION 

  The period of Activation is conformed by four phases to so diffuse limits that it can be considered that its operation is simultaneous. Initially they form very thin layers on the nucleus, and as it advances the process increase of thickness and they mark better its differences.

First stage. - The Starting of the Qm and the Qo


In this first stage, the external energy produces in the surface of the Nucleus a thin layer of intense activity in which this one tries to prevent the starting of the Q, but being inferior its peripheral force, the taken corpuscles acquire the kinetic energy sufficient to increase his I pull ahead of Ø that qualifies them to assimilate its mobility, its new condition. The starting of the Q does not imply its escape or immediate spacing, continues taken root of the Nucleus by their gravity.


Second phase. - The Formation of chemical elements


In this phase the Qm started conforms atoms and molecules of the chemical elements for which their specifications and compatibilities are enabled by.

It is here where the diversity of the Qm is important because otherwise the matter in formation will tend to be a single chemical element, helium for example.


Third phase. - The chemical compound Formation


In this layer, the immense activity of the chemical elements just formed raises the temperature drastically because they react immediately to each other forming compound molecules and. It is an atmosphere in which one goes of the state of concretion to the liquid, fusion, the rising chemical elements[48].

To this layer “plasma[49]” has been denominated him and when it is in the circumstances of the fifth phase: “magma”.


Fourth phase. - The Gasification


The temperature reached about the previous phase is superior to the one of boiling of all the chemical elements, even the (w) tungsten[50]. It is the state of the matter that involves in its interior the greater amount of possible Ř in the nature.

To that temperature, all the matter happens to the gaseous state, and the most volatile elements acquire the speed of escape sufficient to free itself of the Nucleus and to spread by the space, the others form layers to heights corresponding to their densities and weights.  

The layer that forms this phase knows where it begins more not where it finishes.

Second period. - THE BALANCE

  The period of balance has three independent phases to each other, first it is common for all the stars and the two rest are particularity of some of them.

Fifth phase. - The Solidification 


In this phase the lithosphere is satisfied.

As the plasma layer of the previous phases thickens, and the gaseous chemical reactions become stabilized, gradually it lowers the temperature and they pass to the liquid state the elements of greater to smaller degree of boiling; the “magma” forms. In this state the formed compounds tend to become stabilized and when its thickness increases, the surface cools off forming a species of cream. It is the beginning of the solidification that in fact floats to have minor density, greater amount of Ø in his interior.


Sixth phase. - The Fluidize


In this phase the atmosphere and the hydrosphere are satisfied[51].

Great amount of gases elevated in the phase of gasification is lost in the space and the leftover one forms the atmosphere of the star; when the solidified layer covers the magma in its totality, later low the temperature and causes the condensation and precipitation of some of them.  On the other hand, as the solidified layer is not uniform, the liquids that fall form a system of currents and deposits in the depressions, caverns, faults and porosities that find, and later the cycle is repeated, they evaporate and they return to fall.

In this fluid phase, the energies of the star and the outsiders compete; in some the own ones are pronounced with greater strength thus retain the fluids and others on the contrary lose them.


Seventh phase. - The Biological (The origin of the life)


In this phase the biosphere is satisfied. 

When the depressions of the crust or castrate solidified are sufficiently deep, the liquids already formed penetrate until contacting directly to the Nucleus of the star.

It is a special case in the worthy nature of consideration because the state of concretion of the Nucleus reacts directly with a determined liquid preexisting. And when the contact area is sufficiently ample to regulate the heat of the magma that surrounds it, is conformed an atmosphere to the following characteristics:

1. Encounter of material. - The liquid to those depths has great wealth of solutions, hasty composed minerals and, its density single allows to lower until deepest some of its heavier colloidal solutions and smaller caliber, that is to say, very selections.

2. Environmental conditions. - In the meeting point, the temperature of the Nucleus is of 0° K and the one of the slightly greater liquid; the pressure is the one of a column of several kilometers of height of the loaded liquid of solutions, plus an atmosphere. In these circumstances the liquid continues in its state because to that pressure it cannot involve Ø in his intermolecular distances to solidify itself.

3. Produced effect. - The encounter has a diffuse limit, is an amalgamated compound zone of activation in which the liquid by its rising mobility and activity takes Q of the Nucleus and the Integra to its fluidity to conform atoms and with the wealth of materials that carries, is to go and to come with the voracious Nucleus that also takes Q of the liquid and its solutions.  It is a special atmosphere in where the amount of Ø has its minimum value by the great pressure and the low temperature; and in addition it is a culture broth in which all the rising atoms and necessary elements for the life come together, in conclusion: it is the place of its formation there[52]

4. Denomination of the place. - In these most special places alive organisms emanate that in this stage hardly clarify the kingdom to which belong: animal or vegetable, is WELLS OF GERMINATION of alive beings who gradually integrate more Ø in their organism diminishing their density and consequently they ascend until the surface of the sea; and later, with its evolution or the aid of other animals and environmental conditions they leave of him and they disperse by the star[53].



Passage of state of concretion to other states is subject to forces external that affects to Nucleus, in such a way that if is inferior, the process is reverted, the Nucleus again assimilates the  active matter of the layers that surround to him and continues their work of pick up in their operational range, but on the contrary is inferior, it diminishes its mass, and with it, its force of gravity until disappearing, in which case it loses all its volatile ones, (atmosphere), if the temperature still maintains liquids, they evaporate and they suffer a same fate, just like the solids of so large minor like dust, sand and similar.  

In its interior, already without Nucleus, there are no more reactions, the magma one becomes stabilized, low the temperature and it solidifies. All the set disintegrate and is scattered, and the particles whose composition and contexture support to the tension of the forces of the stars and the temperature of the space, continue in orbit turned asteroids[54].

Fourth period. - THE CONCRETION  


The loose Qm and Qo of asteroids and particles, while they are in a field of gravitation do not happen to the concretion state, continue active because the tensions to that they are put under therefore demand it; but when freeing itself, they close the normal cycle of pick up, activation and dispersion of the matter[55].  

Previously several ways of union of the Q outside a field of gravitation were expressed, and that in all the cases, its gravity is adherent and additive, therefore each integrated Q fortifies the power and the reach of the body in concretion that form. The matter reinitiates east cycle from Qo corpuscles, molecules, or particles of matter of any size. 

1. The concretion of the Qo. - These corpuscles happen to the concretion state directly so soon are deactivated, that is to say, they suspend its particular movement and they continue solely in the joint inertial movements.

2. The independent molecule concretion. - A molecule anyone, when freeing itself of the gravity, their Qm initiates the diminution of their inter corpuscular distances full of Ø, which decelerates them until arriving at the relative immobility among them, moment at which their forces take shape and unify .  

3. The matter particle concretion. - In that atmosphere[56], each Q is left subject, solely, to the forces of its collateral ones, which shortens its ranges and increases the friction and consequently the temperature raises until fusing the solid and conforming an atmosphere species to emanated gases. The superficial tension of the resulting liquid gives the spherical form him or of drop, which still more favor the power concentration of the Q and by consequences their approach, and is enough whereupon two of them are immobilized and adhered so that their forces are added and give to beginning the concretion collapse. Later it absorbs gases released.

4. The concretion of a star left the field of gravitation. - When freeing itself a star, the Nucleus suspends the atom formation and accelerates the pick up of the layers that surround it, which invests all the process: the solids are liquefied, the liquids take shape, and when finishing these actions, the gases are condensed and fallen directly to the Nucleus to integrate themselves to their state.

5. The destiny of the bodies in concretion. - The matter in concretion exit of an astral system, returns when the matter that catches in its route changes its course favorably; otherwise it continues moving away and perhaps it is integrated in another system. In that same one to happen they are other originating bodies of other parts and come to fall in the gravitation of the departure system of the previous one, which represents an unpredictable interchange that maintains the balance or increases systems and disappears others.

6. The state of concretion and the universal gravitation. - The concretion of the matter that forms an astral system is not possible because when a star, or the dominant star of the system initiates the approach of the others, he forms the following chain of actions and reactions that prevent it:

6.1. The implied stars, dominant and the their employees, accelerate the activation of the matter and consequently their nuclei reduce their masses .

6.2. The reduction of the nuclei diminishes its forces of gravity, thus the centrifuge of the orbital motion distances the stars.

6.3. When being distanced the stars, their nuclei recover active matter and again they increase its power, therefore they do not disperse but that return to its position.

6.4. As resulting from the three previous numerals, one forms balanced oscillation that maintains the system working in you orbit elliptical[57].  

6.5. In case the stars of the periphery of the astral system or a galaxy are distanced; immediately[58], their nuclei deactivate their covers of matter, increase their power and return to their position, in this case is possible that its return induces to them to fulfill extended orbits as those of comets.

7. The concretion of all the matter. - This phenomenon would be a contradiction of the nature because to happen, the totality of matter would be concentrated in a single inert body that never would be reactivated by deficiency of the indispensable external energy to do it[59].  

The matter in concretion, source of UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION

  The state of concretion of the matter constitutes the foundation and motor for the operation of the cosmos because it supports in his surroundings the active matter avoiding his dispersion, and because the interaction of the bodies in concretion conforms and maintains the gravitation universal.





In order to verify the raised thesis previously, next one describes to the entrance of the Ø in the matter in concretion and the consequent cosmological incidence that it causes.  

The activation of a star in concretion can be caused by the encounter with another star or his entrance to the field of gravitation of an astral set.

1. The encounter of stars. - In this case it can have collision, it clears or approach.

1.1. The collision. - The frontal contact of a star in concretion with another assets or he himself state is explosive for the minor, when the difference of sizes is excessive; otherwise both fracture, running the worse destruction the assets because the concrete one has the greater hardness of the nature[60]. The point of impact and the small fractions, obvious, activate explosively, but the others do not lose their state, they become stars of so large minor, and immediately, the resulting set initiates the gravitation of the small stars around the great ones.

1.2. The rubbing. - The communications with flank unit of two stars produces matter interchange, in addition, it activates immediately the area affected in the star in concretion. Both change of direction and depending on the speed that takes, can or no, to be orbiting to each other.

1.3. The excessive approach. - In the encounter without contact of two stars, the concrete one activates its surface speedily and the assets lose its fluids and small particles. And as in the previous case they can or no, to initiate gravitation.

2. The entrance of a star in concretion to a gravitational zone. - In this case, the influence of the astral system the Integra immediately to the orbital system, and its activation is developed to the speed that to him the forces print that affect it.

In all the cases, the strength derived as large as the nuclei from the stars who concur determines its mutual activation or concretion and the periods and pertinent phases are marked:



The stars who are in the period of activation, without concerning their dimension nor the immensity of the system which they support, they are the stars, and highly characterize themselves for being luminous and to dismiss great loaded amounts of volatile of energy.  

All, without exception, are made up of a Nucleus of matter in concretion covered by a thin layer in which the four phases of this period are fulfilled: Of the Qm and Qo of chemical elements the gasification and, the formation, the starting formation compound, are obvious that in the compound formation there is combustion[61] and take place gases, but the greater amount of gases derives from the formation of helium and hydrogen that are first in acquiring the speed of escape sufficient to jointly scatter with the Qo in the heat of activity.    

In our system, the Sun is in this period, and perhaps the affirmation seems a scientific nonsense of which its Nucleus is to zero absolute of temperature ( 0° K )[62], still more, that the activation layer has very few kilometers of thickness and is fluid[63]. But it sustains the unquestionable fact to it that the Sun is the star with the greater force of gravity of this sector of the space, and that the only source of this force is the matter in concretion.  

If the Sun or the stars had discharges temperatures in their nuclei, the Q that integrates them would have the greater possible activity in the nature and would need to involve great amount of Ø in their surroundings, which is highly explosive, and as the matter in activity does not generate gravity, the result would be a total pulverization that would prevent the concentration of matter for the conformation of the stars.



In this period the solidification of the surface of the igneous layers of the activation due to the superficial cooling caused by the stabilization of compounds is common for all the stars and the increase of its thickness.

The manifestations of solidification are the following ones:

1. The diminution of the brightness of the star[64]. - The chemical elements that need greater temperature to stay in gaseous state condense and consequently it lowers the brightness, is the case of the W.

2. The formation of spots. - They are the first co born ones of cream formation, process that affects to the Sun at the present time.

2.1. The formation of a dark belt in the equator of the star. - This case because appears the centrifugal force concentrates in that zone the solidified material that floats on the magma. When increasing the wide one of the solidified layer is covered the star from the equator to the poles, and when they only lack these to cover, the luminosity that they send gives the effect of two luminous cones opposed by its vertices that come together on the star.

By effect of the centrifuge, the thickness of the layer of active matter is superior in the equator, thus the gravity in its surface is inferior to the one of the poles since the Nucleus is spherical[65].  

2.2. The ring formation[66]. - When the material solidified in the equator is light, fragile and spongy like some stone volcanic[67], the centrifuge and greater density of other evaporated materials elevates it, and when cooling off in the space, they are weighing on redder of the star in ring form. This material when it is of small caliber and not spreads in the space nor places in orbit, is distributed to cover way on the atmosphere of the star.

2.3. The formation of dark spots near the poles. - These are of magnetic materials that float on the magma and are attracted by the polar magnetism of the star.

2.4. The unfinished solidification. - Before finalizing the solidification process they are left pockets in ignition. Case in which, the rotation of the star produces the effect of intermittencies of its luminosity for the distant observer, and when concluding the effect disappears[68].

3. The concluded cover. - When finishing the cover, low the outer temperature and appears the following cases:

3.1. The loss of volatile. - When finishing the solidification the star loses gases, liquids and solids of small caliber, frequent case in planets of the Solar System.  If this loss is total and happens unseasonable before finishing the solidification, the surface of the magma cools off quickly leaving to tracks to crater way product of the eruptions of its last volcanic[69] activity. Frequent case in the Solar System, the Moon for example. 

3.2. The retention of volatile. - When the star does not lose all his volatile ones, to the rest he conforms his atmosphere, in which case he presents/displays the following phase:

The stars with FLUID PHASE


If a star has atmosphere, most probable he is than he has hydrosphere[70], at least in the subsoil. In the Jupiter planet for example, the dense superficial layer of its atmosphere gives the aspect him of a gaseous planet. But because it has not been penetrated in her, one does not know his thickness, composition and temperature, less still of the composition and thickness of the solidified layer and the liquid system[71].

In this planet the case of the armored deck of pulverized solid material appears that floats in the surface of its atmosphere. Form in general one structure that by its similarity can be denominated “rose apple[72]”, (Figure 10). In addition, the planet has to the same height of this cover a satellite that causes a gigantic turbulence to him that maintains it anxiously and uniformly distributed, nevertheless, sometimes lets glimpse the luminance activity of its interior.


Figure 10. rose apple STRUCTURE


  The hermetic that characterizes the Jupiter structure in contrast to the one of the Earth that is opened, implies that the chemical activity of their interior is different.

The stars with BIOLOGICAL PHASE (The earth life)


To where it is known, only in the Earth there is life and one is based on the organic chemistry of carbon; this does not indicate that in Jupiter there is not it, there the conditions presumably are different thus its base can be the silicon, for example.  These two elements have great similarities, specially their valencias[73], but either could be some other or other composed elements or.

This apparent fiction is not far from the Earth. The fossils of the vegetal dinosaurian and many formation of their time are petrified, basically are of silicon. It is possible that the fundamental element of the atmosphere of that time was the chlorine (CL), and of the hydrosphere sodium (Na). And later, by any external circumstance they changed the conditions, and great sodium chloride deposits formed, (NaCl) on the terrestrial crust[74], happened rain, (H2O), and the seas that formed loaded totally of this compound. Those new conditions solidified to the alive organisms as well as we have found them, petrified. In addition, the Earth at that time could have had the rose apple structure whose cover was with lithium[75]pulverized or gaseous, that when changing the conditions fell scattered by all its surface covering, indeed, the age in which existed that fauna and flora. 

Before these conjectures the question fits: What process turns the organic structure with carbon of the dinosaurian, in silicon of its fossils?[76]

To exist that process: These or one of these chemical elements are not stable.

As far as  Wells of Germination of the Earth, they are located in the great marine depths[77] to where, periodically[78], descends its fauna to nourish itself with the great abundance of food which they emanate[79].



This period or has been marked in some celestial bodies that still remain fulfilling their regular orbits like planets, satellites or I commit. Between planets they are the “smaller planets” Ceres, Pallas, Vesta[80], Hygiea, etc.[81], between the satellites are the moons of Jupiter[82] Amaltea, Thebe, Elara, and possibly in Metis among others, whose destroyed materials conform the rind of the rose apple structure of this planet and perhaps it covers also the surface with others of its moons with own gravity; and between comets it is Tempel 1.  



It is possible that some destroyed particles of the Solar System have left or are leaving their reach and consequently they initiate the cycle of concretion, is the case of the bodies that conform the Belt of Kuiper which they are compiling particles of salient or incoming matter to this system. This period also includes COMETS, small stars with Nucleus and own gravity, stars who in their aphelion receive minor influences gravitational of the Sun and therefore their Nuclei catch all the matter to their reach; (basically Qo, helium and hydrogen, and some other inter spacey dust particles); this activity is more effective when in his route there is no proximity to planets; in addition, they become almost invisible because they are in pick up process. Later, in the perihelion, the solar influence produces all the phases to them of the period of activation, and in the last one, the one of gasification they expelled the Qo, the helium, the hydrogen and others, forming an immense incandescent sphere[83] in redder of their nuclei[84], but the light and the solar wind prevent to see it in their totality[85]. The true intensity of its incandescence is pronounced within the conical shade of the comet, and in smaller intensity in the penumbra[86], (Figure 11).





The comets can disappear for three reasons:

1. That in the aphelion, by some eventuality it leaves orbit, case in which continues in  period of concretion until approaching another star;

2. By decomposition when the acquisition of matter in the aphelion is inferior to the lost one in the perihelion or by excessive approach to the Sun or to a planet that activate them in its totality; and

3. By fall or gravitation on another star.




Fundamentally it is necessary to recognize that the Nothing is an unquestionable philosophical element because without its existence its counterpart cannot be conceived, the matter and everything what can be.  

The verification of the thesis don't mention it ratifies the importance in raised Theoretical Cosmology hypothetical in a beginning; in addition, during the process derived conclusions arose not less important, subjects to investigate and a necessary recommendation:


  In the development of the subject proposed that the NOTHING is an indispensable element in Theoretical Cosmology, one has demonstrated that its presence is essential for the operation of the matter and the life:


Because the Nothing allows cosmological mobility without interference some;


Because without the Anything the atomic operation is not possible and therefore the one of the active states of the matter: liquid, gaseous solid and; and in addition the one to the life; and


Because the absence of the Anything within the matter determines its fourth state, the one of concretion or rest.



The following conclusions derived or consequent of the development of the thesis differ with some theories and expositions done by outstanding and very authorized scientists. They are not antagonistic but deliberately resulting positions of a study in which it was had in that the amazing simplicity of the operation of the nature has been, it is and it will be the main disadvantage that finds the humanity to include/understand it.  

Under this affirmation it is possible to be considered that the operative mechanics of the matter is based:


In which the matter is not energy but the substance that the porthole, and that the energy is not the matter but its inherent quality;


That the forces and the work that the matter produces are limited since this one and their energy also is it; 


That the energy that has the matter is not sufficient to destroy itself artificially independent nor but that on the contrary is dedicated to its maintenance;  


That the matter in its state of concretion is the source of the gravity;


That the matter in concretion conforms the nuclei of the stars and constitutes the motor of the universal gravitation; and

SIXTH .-    

That the encounter of the matter in state of concretion with a preexisting hydrosphere and in propitious circumstances generates the life.


  No theory or scientific exposition of no type will be able to respond to all the questions that science demands, always has to be left infinity of subjects to investigate, among them:


To determine as and whichever Training Corpuscles of Matter, Qm, they exist, and what specific particularity have. On this base, to determine whichever well-known chemical elements they are pure or composed elements that acts like such;


To determine as and whichever Independent Corpuscles, Qo, they exist and what specific particularity have;


To investigate on types of forces unknown emanated of the gravitational energy; and


To investigate on the amount and location of wells of germination of the Earth, and the variety and type of life that takes place in each one of them. 



For the preservation of the Earth life, he is indispensable that the Wells of Germination are protected of the contamination that produces the human species.

As these Wells are the life sources; in economic terms, it is equivalent to say that they are the sources of renewable natural resources, and that when deteriorating them would be caused the worse ecological and economic disaster of the planet; thus they must be declared patrimony of the humanity, and be put under the safekeeping of the ORGANIZATION OF UNITED NATIONS - the UN, Organization that will have to take responsibility by them in order to direct to its investigation and handling through responsible scientific organisms, and to avoid at all costs that they are taken to a commercial operation that is going in damage of the biodiversity which they produce and to turn them environmental focuses of infection.

The NOTHING Indispensable Element in Theoretical Cosmology - Registry of intellectual property of the Ministered of the Interior COLOMBIA - Published the 29/09/2006 - Author: HUGO SALAMANCA-PARRA -

 It arrives



1- By perspective: The distance the objects are seen smaller until disappearing of the vision.

2- Ether = “imponderable and elastic Fluid, that, according to some physical theories, full all the space, penetrates all the bodies, and by his vibratory movement it produces the luminous phenomena, calorific and electrical”

3- The existence of the ANYTHING throws several questions: who created it? , is by itself? , can give origin to something material? , etc., Enters game another value here: God, which neither refuses nor asserts in these pages because as well as a human thought or the concepts time or mathematics, that without being matter nor to be the NOTHING exist. also it can be all spiritual value.

4- Corpuscle = indivisible and more elementary particle of matter.

5- Theory: “It is space is granulated”.

6- Other Q in case that there are them and that is not Qo.

7- Second causal one not to perceive other astral sets.

8- A theory says: “The matter is super concentrated energy and that energy is super diluted matter. And it can become vice versa of energy to matter and conserving the total energy that is indestructible.”

9- Some corpuscles not yet determined have been denominated like “neutrinos, gravitons, photons and until protons”. It is possible to write down that this last one is a Qo.

10- Some observers say to have caught corpuscles unknown within the atoms that dominated “thicknesses”.

11- From this one form of Qo the “Theory of the Cords” has been derived.

12- The revolutions per second of a Q can be superior to 106, depending on the stimuli that receive.

13- Greater or smaller amount of Ø in its interior.

14- Aurora borealis.

15- They form a dense highly radioactive cover that appears when coming out on the Solar System and planetary atmosphere, that is to say, where the space of this system finishes. They form a dense highly radioactive cover that appears when coming out on the Solar System and planetary atmosphere, that is to say, where the space of this system finishes.

16- In conjunction with gases they form the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.

17- Refraction, reflection, diffraction, radiation, transmission and accumulation of energy,

18- Distance to the center of the atom.

19- Material the Inter connection talks about to the inter corpuscular connections, scale micro, and space to scale macro.


21- North and South poles.

22- Theory of “the tromps”.

23- Some manifestations of the static electricity.

24- Four corpuscles in calm form a tetrahedron or pyramid of triangular base.

25- One of the principles of the ballistics.

26- This quality is very useful in ballistics and industrial drills.

27- Depending on the temperature and the pressure, all particle arrives until a minimum degree of compaction without stopping being active matter.

28- At the level of the sea and 4° C.

29- This weightlessness talks about to be outside the Earth gravity.

30- Solid, gaseous liquid or.

31- The independent corpuscles Qo necessarily are matter, but they are not training of atoms.

32- The independent corpuscles Qo do not transmit magnetism but they are susceptible to be attracted and to be repelled by this.

33- Electrical currents of all nature: it alternates, direct, continuous, static, etc.

34- Everything affirms that the electrical current is the “flow of electrons of the conductor”, that is to say, who to his step, disturbs and recomposes his atoms and molecules and in the end is equal.

35- The independent corpuscles Qo, in fulfillment of this function conform the “solar wind”.

36- Third causal one that it prevents to see too distant astral systems. In addition, it denies the feasibility of some theories that they try to magnify in the time the diffusion of the light. Otherwise, by the existing star infinity all the celestial vault would be as shining as the sun.

37- Some solid materials when hammering them or when tempering them diminish their size increasing their density and hardness.

38- A theory explains that “When being consumed the fuel of stars becomes neutron stars, in which the electrons do not exist atoms due to the high gravity have fallen on the atomic nuclei merging with protons to form neutrons, originating a material known like neutrino”.

39- "Spin".

40- Zero absolute in degrees Kelvin = - 273,15° C

41- The gravity of a star, for example the Earth, is immense, but when being within a gravitational system, she is not well-known because the objects receive the influences of all the astral set; otherwise he would be overwhelming, as it would be it also, his derived, the atmospheric pressure if it were received superficially solely.

42- The human conscience admits like inescapable reality the beginning and end of the things, is a conscience tied when passing of the time in which every moment is the beginning of the future and the end of the past. Concept that induces to the belief of the beginning and end of the matter and like fulfillment mechanism the theory of the antimatter that to exist would be a contradiction of the nature because the auto generation nor the self-destruction are not possible. In the passage of a state from the matter to another one it is the confusion. On the other hand, the matter and the energy are not commutative to each other, are different “dimensions” correlated integrally. 

43- The dark stars who have seen themselves are not black matter in pure concretion nor “black holes” with the antimatter connotations that are saying, are stars who by the illumination which they receive or its external condition of texture and chromes does not produce nor reflects the light like the others.

44- The corpuscles of similar sizes, if they are soft take the form from regular dodecahedron or irregular when they differ from size, of not being it, the emptiness's that leave are filled by others of so large minor.

45- Collisions, bounces, orbits, trajectories, turns, etc.

46- If the matter that catches arrives with such acceleration that the bounce gives sufficient speed him of escape, the effect is seen, otherwise no.

47- In this case they are the stars known like “extinguished

48- Most of the chemical elements, in its natural state, and the compounds that produce are solid in environment of the Earth and many other stars.

49- A theory considers the “plasma like the fourth state of the matter”.

50- Boiling point of the Wolfram or Tungsten W: 5.660° C.

51- In the Earth hydrosphere is denominated for being formed by water, but in the other stars it can have another composition .

52- This beginning of the risky life although, does not deny the creation of God, on the contrary, it ratifies that the nature created by HIM is enabled to produce it.

53- Life emanated in Well of Germination anyone can to base on chemistry organic of different base, (C, Si, etc.), but the one that finds means compatible, of the others is only developed, they are destroyed and others are latent awaiting favorable circumstances.

54- They are asteroids that continue fulfilling their orbits like planets, satellites or I commit.

55- Effect “Big Bang

56- All particle of matter leaves the astral influence in solid state because in its route, the low temperature of the space condenses gases to him and congeals the liquids.

57- The hypothetical circular orbit would be possible transitorily to not having a third celestial body that alters it, which, only would modify its angular velocity and consequently approach would take place and happen to be elliptical.

58- The times of these sidereal processes are of million years.

59- Some theoreticians raise that “the matter of the universe left the outbreak of a body that contained it in its totality”.

60- Equal or greater to the one of the diamond, C in activity.

61- A theory raises that: “The stars are in combustion, and when it is exhausted to them the fuel will explode or consume depending if they are supernova or dwarfed white”

62- Esteem that “the skin temperature of the Sun is of “6.000° C and the one of the 20.000.000 nucleus from 15.000.000 to ° C”

63- The surface of the Sun is liquid and gaseous and thus variable in its angular velocity. “The period of the rotation of the surface of the Sun goes of 25 days terrestrial in the equator to 36 days in the poles, approximately”.

64- The Sun is classified by different authors as “a modest star from spectral type G0, G2, G4 or G5, and of yellow color. with absolute magnitude of 4.8.”

65- The gravity difference is still more well-known in high summits of the crust solidified in the equatorial zone.

66- The most remarkable case is the one of Saturn.

67- Example, the pumice stone.

68- It is the case of  “pulsares

69- When analyzing a crater can be explained if it formed by effect of eruption and quenching or by fall of a meteorite.

70- Water or different liquids talks about to.

71- The chemical composition of the different layers from the atmosphere, the liquids and in general of the flowed Jupiter system, or any other star, not necessarily is equal to the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the Earth.

72- Fruit of yambo, made up of an eatable outgrowth, approximately of 5 cm of diameter, 5 mm of empty thickness and in its interior, in where its seed lodges independently: one ball of 1.5 cm of diameter approximately.




-Been of oxidation-


-Density (g/ml)-




+4 2,5 2,26


2, +4, -4 +4 1,8


74- Still some superficial deposits of NaCl exist and others are to little depth.

75- Lithium, (Li), Points of fusion 180,54° C and boiling 1.347° C.

76- The organic chemistry of the C includes to If, the one of If possibly to the C. their corresponding fossils Therefore include vestiges of the other element. Which belong to he himself group, the 14.

77- The location of Wells of Germination can agree with the Marine Graves, or be concealed by tectonic layers with cavernous systems of communication with the outside.

78- When the Earth is in its perihelion is greater activity of starting of Q in the surface of its Nucleus.

79- In the pursuit of you weigh them, cetaceans, crustaceans and in general all the marine fauna who descends towards Wells of Germination, is observed the nutritional chain based on the depth that reaches each species, many of which not yet are qualified to leave to the surface. When investigating in the stomach of specimens susceptible to be captured, in special those that deepen more, it is possible to be explained what foods have ingested. This investigation must carefully be made because in a Well of Germination it brings forth all type of microorganisms, (virus, bacteria, etc.), that require the digestive processing of the animal chain to adapt them to means and to diminish their danger for the existing biosphere.

80- The Vesta asteroid presents/displays a lava species in its surface, which indicates that still it has Nucleus of matter in concretion and that the solidification of its surface is about to conclude. Therefore it would be possible to be catalogued to him like star, and perhaps he is the one that is lost the matter that conforms the belt to which it belongs, located between Mars and Jupiter.

81- Some of these calls asteroids have satellites, therefore still they have own gravity, that is to say, they are stars.

82- One mentions Jupiter to follow the example, but or could be mentioned calls the greater or gaseous planets.

83- Some astronomers have appreciated “so large superior to Jupiter”.

84- The chromatic difference, when there is it, must to the elements that compose the caught matter.

85- The greater hidden luminance intensity to the minor.

86- This is the reason for which the tail or hair of comets always is opposite to the Sun.


Absolute adhesion = Is the total union of the Q inactive. (One of the three conditions of the concretion state).

Active matter = Matter in solid states, liquid or gaseous.

Addition of gravitational forces = Is the conjunction of the inherent forces of the Q in concretion state. (One of the three conditions of the concretion state).

Angular moment = “Kinetic energy of rotation”.

Asteroid = Celestial body that gravitates without own gravity. “Each one of the small planets that circulate between Mars and Jupiter”.

Biological phase = Is the seventh and last phase of the disconcertion of the matter and third and last one of the Period of Balance, in which the life in special places is generated in where it contacts the Nucleus of the star with the preexisting hydrosphere.

Corpuscles = Minimum units of matter, indestructible and invariable.

Degrees Kelvin = “In the scale Kelvin cannot have negative temperatures, and its value is obtained adding 273.14 to the temperature in degrees C”

Elementary particles = Neutrons, protons, electrons etc.

Ether = “Imponderable and elastic fluid, that, according to some physical theories, full all the space, penetrates all the bodies, and by his vibratory movement it produces the luminous phenomena, calorific and electrical”.

Gravity = “Force that it attracts all the bodies towards the center of the stars” (Is the main faculty of the three that has the State of Concretion).

Internal relative Immobility = Is the calm of the Q in the body in concretion. (One of the three conditions of the concretion state).

Joint inertial displacement = Is the linear movement that carries out the body in concretion and that is derived from the impulses that the caught matter causes to him. (One of the three faculties of the concretion state).

Joint inertial rotation = Is the angular motion that carries out the body in concretion and that is derived from the impulses that the caught matter causes to him. (One of the three faculties of the concretion state.).

Matter in rest = Matter in State of Concretion.

Nothing = “Not to be, or the deficiency of beings”.

Period of Activation = Is the first period of the activation of the matter. It consists of the Phases: Starting of the Q, of chemical elements Evaporation and, Formation Formation compound.

Period of Balance = Is the second period of the activation of the matter. It consists of the phases of Solidification, Fluidal and Biological .

Period of Concretion = Is the quarter and last period, in which it closes the interactive cycle between the concretion and activation of the matter,

Period of Decomposition = Is the third period of the activation of the matter, in which the star disintegrates itself because its Nucleus disappears because its matter activates in its totality and consequently the body is without gravity

Phase of Chemical Compound Formation = Is the third phase of the disconcertion of the matter and the Period of Activation in which the formed chemical elements in the phase of Formation of Chemical Elements react to each other forming the plasma.

Phase of Evaporation = Is the fourth phase of the disconcertion of the last matter and of the Period of Activation, in which the high temperature of the phase of Compound Formation evaporates all the chemical elements and their compounds.

Phase of Formation of Chemical Elements = Is the second phase of the disconcertion of the matter and the Period of Activation, in which the released corpuscles of the Nucleus of a star are associated in agreement with their compatibilities.

Phase of Liquefaction or fluid phase = Is the sixth phase of the disconcertion of the matter and second of the Period of Balance, in which the liquids are condensed and fall on the solidified surface.

Phase of Solidification = Is the fifth phase of the disconcertion of the matter and first of the Period of Balance, in which the surface of the magma forms and solidifies.

Phase of Starting of the Q = Is first stage of the disconcertion of the matter and the Period of Activation, in which the superficial corpuscles are come off the Nucleus of a star by action of the gravity of another one.

Preexisting hydrosphere = Is the set or system of matter in liquid state of a star who has fulfilled the processes of both first periods of activation of the matter, the one of Activation and the one of Solidification. It is to write down that in the Earth hydrosphere is denominated for being of water, but that does not exclude other liquids in this planet nor in any other star.

Preexisting liquid = Is the matter in liquid state that has fulfilled the processes of both first periods of activation of the matter, the one of Activation and the one of Solidification. (In the Earth, preponderantly it is water).

Q = Corpuscle, minimum unit of matter.

Qm = Training corpuscle of matter: of chemical elements.

Qo = Independent, no training corpuscle of matter.

Reactivation of the matter = Passage of the matter in state of concretion to the active states: liquid, gaseous solid and.

Speed of escape = “Speed necessary to escape to the battle area of the gravitational force”

Star = Celestial body that gravitates with own gravity. “Anyone of the bodies that populate the celestial vault”

State of concretion = Fourth state of the matter, in which they are immobilized, adheres and adds their forces the corpuscles.

Well of Germination = Place in which the Nucleus of the stars, in concretion state, makes direct bonding with the preexisting hydrosphere, (Water in the case of the Earth).

Zero absolute of temperature = Is the possible lowest temperature, it corresponds below cero to 273.14 degrees Celsius, and constitutes the beginning of the scale in degrees Kelvin.

Ø = The Nothing, like element of the nature.

The NOTHING Indispensable Element in Theoretical Cosmology - Registry of intellectual property of the Ministered of the Interior COLOMBIA - Published the 29/09/2006 - Author: HUGO SALAMANCA-PARRA -

It arrives