Absolute adhesion = Is the total union of the Q inactive. (One of the three conditions of the concretion state).

Addition of gravitational forces = Is the conjunction of the inherent forces of the Q in concretion state. (One of the three conditions of the concretion state).

Asteroid= Celestial body that gravitates without own gravity. “Each one of the small planets that circulate between Mars and Jupiter”.

Star = Celestial body that gravitates with own gravity. “Anyone of the bodies that populate the celestial vault”

Zero absolute of temperature = Is the possible lowest temperature, it corresponds below cero to 273.14 degrees Celsius, and constitutes the beginning of the scale in degrees Kelvin.

Corpuscles = Minimum units of matter, indestructible and invariable .

Joint inertial displacement = Is the linear movement that carries out the body in concretion and that is derived from the impulses that the caught matter causes to him. (One of the three faculties of the concretion state).

State of concretion = Fourth state of the matter, in which they are immobilized, adheres and adds their forces the corpuscles.

Éther“Imponderable and elastic fluid, that, according to some physical theories, full all the space, penetrates all the bodies, and by his vibratory movement it produces the luminous phenomena, calorific and electrical”.  

Biological phase = Is the seventh and last phase of the activation of the matter and third and last one of the Period of Balance, in which the life in special places is generated in where it contacts the Nucleus of the star with the preexisting hydrosphere.

Phase of Starting of the Q = Is first stage of the activation of the matter and the Period of Activation, in which the superficial corpuscles are come off the Nucleus of a star by action of the gravity of another one.

Phase of Chemical Compound Formation = Is the third phase of the activation of the matter and the Period of Activation in which the formed chemical elements in the phase of Formation of Chemical Elements react to each other forming the plasma.

Phase of Formation of Chemical Elements = Is the second phase of the activation of the matter and the Period of Activation, in which the released corpuscles of the Nucleus of a star are associated in agreement with their compatibilities.

Phase of Evaporation = Is the fourth phase of the activation of the last matter and of the Period of Activation, in which the high temperature of the phase of Compound Formation evaporates all the chemical elements and their compounds.

Phase of Solidification = Is the fifth phase of the activation of the matter and first of the Period of Balance, in which the surface of the magma forms and solidifies.

Phase of liquefaction or fluid phase = Is the sixth phase of the activation of the matter and second of the Period of Balance, in which the liquids are condensed and fall on the solidified surface.

Degrees Kelvin = In the scale Kelvin cannot have negative temperatures, and its value is obtained adding 273.14 to the temperature in degrees C”

Gravity = “Force that it attracts all the bodies towards the center of the stars” (Is the main faculty of the three that has the State of Concretion).

Internal relative Immobility = Is the calm of the Q in the body in concretion. (One of the three conditions of the concretion state).

Preexisting hydrosphere = Is the set or system of matter in liquid state of a star who has fulfilled the processes of both first periods of activation of the matter, the one of Activation and the one of Solidification. It is to write down that in the Earth hydrosphere is denominated for being of water, but that does not exclude other liquids in this planet nor in any other star.

Preexisting liquid = Is the matter in liquid state that has fulfilled the processes of both first periods of activation of the matter, the one of Activation and the one of Solidification. (In the Earth, preponderantly it is water).

Active matter = Matter in solid states, liquid or gaseous.

Matter in rest = Matter in State of Concretion.

Angular moment = “Kinetic energy of rotation”.

Nothing = “Not to be, or the deficiency of beings”.

Ø = The Nothing, like element of the nature.

Elementary particles = Neutrons, protons, electrons etc.

Period of Activation = Is the first period of the activation of the matter. It consists of the Phases: Starting of the Q, of chemical elements Evaporation and, Formation Formation compound.

Period of Concretion = Is the quarter and last period, in which it closes the interactive cycle between the concretion and activation of the matter,

Period of Balance = Is the second period of the activation of the matter. It consists of the phases of Solidification, Fluid and Biological.

Period of Decomposition = Is the third period of the activation of the matter, in which the star disintegrates itself because its Nucleus disappears because its matter activates in its totality and consequently the body is without gravity

Well of Germination = Place in which the Nucleus of the stars, in concretion state, makes direct bonding with the preexisting hydrosphere, (Water in the case of the Earth).

Q = Corpuscle, minimum unit of matter.

Qm = Training corpuscle of matter: of chemical elements.

Qo = Independent, nontraining corpuscle of matter.

Reactivation of the matter = Passage of the matter in state of concretion to the active states: liquid, gaseous solid and.

Joint inertial rotation = Is the angular motion that carries out the body in concretion and that is derived from the impulses that the caught matter causes to him. (One of the three faculties of the concretion state.).

Speed of escape = “Speed necessary to escape to the battle area of the gravitational force”

1- By perspective: The distance the objects are seen smaller until disappearing of the vision.

2- Ether = “imponderable and elastic Fluid, that, according to some physical theories, full all the space, penetrates all the bodies, and by his vibratory movement it produces the luminous phenomena, calorific and electrical”

3- The existence of the ANYTHING throws several questions: who created it? , is by itself? , can give origin to something material? , etc., Enters game another value here: God, which neither refuses nor asserts in these pages because as well as a human thought or the concepts time or mathematics, that without being matter nor to be the NOTHING exist. also it it can be all spiritual value.

4- Corpuscle = Indivisible and more elementary particle of matter.

5- Theory: “It is space is granulated”.

6- Other Q in case that there are them and that is not Qo.

7- Second causal one not to perceive other astral sets.

8- A theory says: “The matter is super concentrated energy and that energy is super diluted matter. And it can become vice versa of energy to matter and conserving the total energy that is indestructible.”

9- Some corpuscles not yet determined have been denominated like “neutrinos, gravitons, photons and until protons”. It is possible to write down that this last one is a Qo.

10- Some observers say to have caught corpuscles unknown within the atoms that dominated “thicknesses”.

11- From this one form of Qo the “Theory of the Cords” has been derived.

12- The revolutions per second of a Q can be superior to 106, depending on the stimuli that receive.

13- Greater or smaller amount of Ø in its interior.

14- Aurorae boreales.

15- They form a dense highly radioactive cover that appears when coming out on the Solar System and planetary atmosphere, that is to say, where the space of this system finishes.

16- In conjunction with gases they form the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.

17- Refraction, reflection, diffraction, radiation, transmission and accumulation of energy,

18- Distance to the center of the atom.

19- Material the Inter connection talks about to the intercorpuscular connections, scale micro, and space to scale macro.


21- North and South poles.

22- Theory of “the trompos”.

23- Some manifestations of the static electricity.

24- Four corpuscles in calm form a tetrahedron or pyramid of triangular base.

25- One of the principles of the ballistics.

26- This quality is very useful in ballistics and industrial drills

27- Depending on the temperature and the pressure, all particle arrives until a minimum degree of compaction without stopping being active matter.

28- At the level of the sea and 4° C.

29- This weightlessness talks about to be outside the Earth gravity.

30- Solid, gaseous liquid or.

31- The independent corpuscles Qo necessarily are matter, but they are not training of atoms.

32- The independent corpuscles Qo do not transmit magnetism but they are susceptible to be attracted and to be repelled by this.

33- Electrical currents of all nature: it alternates, direct, continuous, static, etc.

34- Everything affirms that the electrical current is the “flow of electrons of the conductor”, that is to say, who to his step, disturbs and recomposes his atoms and molecules and in the end is equal.

35- The independent corpuscles Qo, in fulfillment of this function conform the “solar wind”.

36- Third causal one that it prevents to see too distant astral systems. In addition, it denies the feasibility of some theories that they try to magnify in the time the diffusion of the light. Otherwise, by the existing star infinity all the celestial vault would be as shining as the sun.

37- Some solid materials when hammering them or when tempering them diminish their size increasing their density and hardness.

38- A theory explains that “When being consumed the fuel of stars becomes neutron stars, in which the electrons do not exist atoms due to the high gravity have fallen on the atomic nuclei merging with protons to form neutrons, originating a material known like neutronio”.

39- "Spin".

40- Zero absolute in degrees Kelvin = - 273,15° C

41- The gravity of a star, for example the Earth, is immense, but when being within a gravitational system, she is not well-known because the objects receive the influences of all the astral set; otherwise he would be overwhelming, as it would be it also, his derived, the atmospheric pressure if it were received superficially solely.

42- The human conscience admits like inescapable reality the beginning and end of the things, is a conscience tied when passing of the time in which every moment is the beginning of the future and the end of the past. Concept that induces to the belief of the beginning and end of the matter and like fulfillment mechanism the theory of the antimatter that to exist would be a contradiction of the nature because the autogeneración nor the self-destruction are not possible. In the passage of a state from the matter to another one it is the confusion. On the other hand, the matter and the energy are not conmutativas to each other, are different “dimensions” correlated integrally.   

43- The dark stars who have seen themselves are not black matter in pure concretion nor “black holes” with the antimatter connotations that are saying, are stars who by the illumination which they receive or its external condition of texture and chromes does not produce nor reflects the light like the others.

44- The corpuscles of similar sizes, if they are soft take the form from regular dodecahedron or irregular when they differ from size, of not being it, the emptinesses that leave are filled by others of so large minor.

45- Collisions, bounces, orbits, trajectories, turns, etc.

46- If the matter that catches arrives with such acceleration that the bounce gives sufficient speed him of escape, the effect is seen, otherwise no.

47- In this case they are the stars known like “extinguished

48- Most of the chemical elements, in its natural state, and the compounds that produce are solid in environment of the Earth and many other stars.

49- A theory considers the “plasma like the fourth state of the matter”.

50- Boiling point of the Wolfram or Tungsten W: 5.660° C.

51- In the Earth hydrosphere is denominated for being formed by water, but in the other stars it can have another composition

52- This beginning of the risky life although, does not deny the creation of God, on the contrary, it ratifies that the nature created by HIM is enabled to produce it.

53- Life emanated in Well of Germination anyone can to base on chemistry organic of different base, (C, Si, etc.), but the one that finds means compatible, of the others is only developed, they are destroyed and others are latent awaiting favorable circumstances.

54- They are asteroids that continue fulfilling their orbits like planets, satellites or I commit.

55- Efecto “Big Bang

56- All particle of matter leaves the astral influence in solid state because in its route, the low temperature of the space condenses gases to him and congeals the liquids.

57- The hypothetical circular orbit would be possible transitorily to not having a third celestial body that alters it, which, only would modify its angular velocity and consequently approach would take place and happen to be elliptical.

58- The times of these sidereal processes are of million years.

59- Some theoreticians raise that “the matter of the universe left the outbreak of a body that contained it in its totality”.

60- Equal or greater to the one of the diamond, C in activity.

61- A theory raises that: “The stars are in combustion, and when it is exhausted to them the fuel will explode or consume depending if they are supernova or dwarfed white”

62- Esteem that “the skin temperature of the Sun is of “6.000° C and the one of the 20.000.000 nucleus from 15.000.000 to ° C”

63- The surface of the Sun is liquid and gaseous and thus variable in its angular velocity. “The period of the rotation of the surface of the Sun goes of 25 days terrestrial in the equator to 36 days in the poles, approximately”.

64- The Sun is classified by different authors as “a modest star from spectral type G0, G2, G4 or G5, and of yellow color. with absolute magnitude of 4.8.”

65- The gravity difference is still more well-known in high summits of the crust solidified in the equatorial zone.

66- The most remarkable case is the one of Saturn.

67- Example, the pumice stone.

68- It is the case of  “pulsares

69- When analyzing a crater can be explained if it formed by effect of eruption and quenching or by fall of a meteorite.

70- Water or different liquids talks about to.

71- The chemical composition of the different layers from the atmosphere, the liquids and in general of the flowed Jupiter system, or any other star, not necessarily is equal to the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the Earth.

72- Fruit of yambo, made up of an eatable outgrowth; approximately of 5 cm of diameter, 5 mm of empty thickness and in its interior, in where its seed lodges independently: one ball of 1.5 cm of diameter approximately.




--Been of oxidation-- 


--Density (g/ml)--









2, +4, -4




74- Still some superficial deposits of NaCl exist and others are to little depth.

75- Lithium, (Li), Points of fusion 180,54° C and boiling 1.347° C.

76- The organic chemistry of the C includes to If, the one of If possibly to the C. their corresponding fossils Therefore include vestiges of the other element. Which belong to he himself group, the 14.

77- The location of Wells of Germination can agree with the Marine Graves, or be concealed by tectonic layers with cavernous systems of communication with the outside.

78- When the Earth is in its perihelion is greater activity of starting of Q in the surface of its Nucleus.

79- In the pursuit of you weigh them, cetaceans, crustaceans and in general all the marine fauna who descends towards Wells of Germination, is observed the nutritional chain based on the depth that reaches each species, many of which not yet are qualified to leave to the surface. When investigating in the stomach of specimens susceptible to be captured, in special those that deepen more, it is possible to be explained what foods have ingested. This investigation must carefully be made because in a Well of Germination it brings forth all type of microorganisms, (virus, bacteria, etc.), that require the digestive processing of the animal chain to adapt them to means and to diminish their danger for the existing biosphere.

80- The Vesta asteroid presents/displays a lava species in its surface, which indicates that still it has Nucleus of matter in concretion and that the solidification of its surface is about to to conclude. Therefore it would be possible to be catalogued to him like star, and perhaps he is the one that is lost the matter that conforms the belt to which it belongs, located between Mars and Jupiter.

81- Some of these calls asteroids have satellites, therefore still they have own gravity, that is to say, they are stars.

82- One mentions Jupiter to follow the example, but or could be mentioned calls the greater or gaseous planets.

83- Some astronomers have appreciated “so large superior to Jupiter”. .

84- The chromatic difference, when there is it, must to the elements that compose the caught matter.

85- The greater hidden luminance intensity to the minor.

86- This is the reason for which the tail or hair of comets always is opposite to the Sun.