The Nothing, indispensable element in THEORETICAL COSMOLOGY - annexed -


The increase of the temperature that has had the planet in the last five years is a delicate subject that is incumbent on all the humanity without exception some, and of no way it is possible to be handled to him with indifference because it is in game the preservation of the life.

This subject has two facets. first it concerns the man and therefore it is its responsibility, and the second a natural phenomena that the humanity cannot solve.


Recently time that the humanity made conscience of the importance that has the natural handling of the resource, the specially nonrenewable ones because until now one has noticed that indeed they are exhausted.

In the present year, with just reason the campaign goes ahead to diminish the fossil fuel consumption, aerosols and other sources of environmental pollution, and one hopes that the apathetic countries to the reality that confronts, begin to develop managements that take to good term this noble cause.

With the argument to diminish the pollution one is going of fossil fuels, nonrenewable, to the derivatives of renewable sources, (maize, sugar cane, etc.). This step improves the situation because the emission of some injurious elements diminishes. But the main consideration for the industry of fuels is the one to maintain its yield; and for the governments, to guarantee the permanent use of its human resources, which does not happen in the operation of the previous ones. Nevertheless, this fuel change does not solve the bottom of the problem because all of them, without concerning its origin they contaminate, and finally what is in greater danger is not the increase of the temperature of the atmosphere but diminution of the percentage of I oxygenate in the atmosphere and with it the exhibition to the extinction of the kingdom animal and the man by its position.

Another point of view to consider is that the natural mechanisms for the decontamination of the fluids, (water and air), they are based on vegetables. It is as well as these absorb and resist the contamination that causes to the kingdom animal, as long as there is a metering, so to speak, between both kingdoms, balance that the man are broken with the construction of great large cities in which, the parks that are implanted to them, they are not sufficient to purify the gas discharge and other remainders that produce.

As it is not possible to be not known that the economic expectation is the main enterprise and governmental determinant, it is required to orient the approach of the campaign of purification of the atmosphere towards replacing the yield of polluting fuels, (all they are it), by other power sources that avoid the problem without damage of the economic factor.

They are two objectives that simultaneously can be fulfilled if the ?clean sources of energy? are used that beside the point are inexhaustible: the Aeolian one, hydraulics (rivers and sea), to pave and geothermal. Intention that is not fiction because reached the scientific and technological advance is sufficient to begin to its massive advantage, and only lack to solve you accustom difficulty: the lack of ?political will? to take the determination.


In this field, one is to make an analysis that can be used for the decision making because the man to survive must know and confront the behavior of the nature, whichever it is.

In the titled text "The Nothing indispensable element in theoretical cosmology" reached the conclusion that the stars are conformed by a nucleus of matter in rest or concretion state that generates the gravity to him with which it maintains in his surroundings a cover of active matter in states: solid, gaseous liquid and. It is a cover, that in general terms as is it in the Earth, it has on the nucleus an igneous zone of highest temperature and that as it approaches the surface cools and solidifies to finally form the topography of the continents and the depressions in which the oceans lodge.

In the mentioned text, also it is described that the gravitational influence affects the star of the following way: a) That if is high, the loose nucleus matter, which diminishes its size and reaches of its force of gravity and thickens its cover; b) That if is low, the nucleus increases its gravitational reach because matter of its cover grows when recovering which is thinned; and c) that this to oscillate of the size of the nucleus he determines the ranges between the stars and generates the gravitation in the elliptical orbits that the minor around the greater one draws up,

The ellipse that describes the orbit of a star, in normal terms, it has a stable size, but it is modified when the set of stars enters a zone with different gravitational influence, (it is present at of other stars); it is reduced when the influence is low because the nuclei receive minor external tension and consequently they increase its size and forces, and it is extended when on the contrary the tension is high because they lose power.

Soon the con comes started off, when separating they receive minor influences of the star with who the nuclei gravitate thus increase their size and tend to return to their position, but the dominant star is debilitated, the employee remains forming one orbits of greater amplitude, or on the contrary smaller, when it is fortified.

In the figure there are five sizes of orbit with the following connotations:

0 - This ellipse represents the normal Earth orbit around the Sun whose route is fulfilled in 365 days and 6 hours approximately.

-1 and +1 - They represent the minor orbits and greater size than they can be fulfilled according to the external alterations without leaving the terms that can be denominated normal to happen to some regularity.

-2 and  +2 - Orbits which the Earth would enter situations critics by too much approach or spacing of the Sun.

Approach to the Sun

In the orbit (- 1) it is necessary to consider that as the Earth approaches the Sun, it receives more intense its attractive force, which reduces the nucleus to him and thickens its cover, giving like result that the inner heat does not reach to arise to the surface; therefore the outer temperature descends from the planet. Nevertheless, by proximity to the Sun one warms up the atmosphere and the solid surface, but thicknesses form cloud layers that filter the strength of the heat arrived from the Sun.

In the orbit (- 2) the low temperature at the glacial level in which it was the Earth at some time of his history because the thickness of the solidified cover totally prevents the exit of the heat that surrounds to the nucleus, and because the evaporation caused by the proximity of the Sun forms and maintains a thickness covered with steam that does not allow that the solar rays touch the surface of the planet. If it continues approaching the disintegration process begins because the reduction of the nucleus disqualifies it initially to retain the fluids, and finally to support the solid cover.

Spacing of the Sun

In the rank (+1) the influence of the Sun on the Earth nucleus is smaller, thus this one recovers active matter of its cover reducing its thickness and therefore it decreases its insulating capacity and it allows to arise the heat of the inferior layers. The effect is in opposition to the previous ones, the planet is warmed up. and as the rays of the Sun have minor intensity the internal heat takes the dominion.

In the rank (+2) the situation becomes chaotic because the fluid and solid solid cover begins to be fused and consequently there is loss of of small caliber because the heat provides speed to them of escape. These solids, if they are not lost, they form ring or the pomarrosa structure that some planets have and at some time also had the Earth.

Distances of balance

In the distances indicated like (- 1, 0 and +1) is the balance in which we lived.

The reduction of the orbit towards (- 1) identifies by the reduction of the temperature average of the planet and the advance of the stations since less days are required to cover their length; however, in the extension towards (+1) the temperature raises and the beginning of the stations is slowed down. Case that we lived at the present time.

Since the Sun is the light source, heat, life, and until that has been considered is God, the exposition of which the Earth cools off when it approaches to him and warms up when moves away, it seems absurd, but it is not thus; it is enough with observing the following figure in which one demonstrates that the warmest time of the year is indeed when the Earth is in the coldest aphelion and when it happens through the perihelion.

Every year, and in the existing statistics, it is possible to be verified that the winter of the North hemisphere, (in the perihelion), it is stronger than the one of the south (in the aphelion) and of equal way, that the summer of the North hemisphere is warmer than the one of the South hemisphere. Otherwise, the glacial one of the South Pole had disappeared by the intensity of rays of the Sun that then is five million kilometers closest to the Earth than when it is in the aphelion.


It is of vital importance for the humanity that all of the governments arrive at a global consensus that guarantees the preservation of the life in the planet.

In order to obtain this purpose it is required:

First, that they are made reduce the polluting practices until eradicating them totally; and

Second, that the risk factors study product of uncontrollable natural phenomena by the man, in order to take the forecasts that are of the case.


It arrives